Cara Easterbrooke MSU Archery Team

Recurve, Compound, and Crossbow

There are many different types of archery across the world, the most common in the United States being recurve, compound, traditional, and crossbow. Recurve bows are made up of a riser, limbs, and a string.  These types of bows are used mainly for competition (as seen in the picture to the left), but can also cross over into traditional style shooting as well. Traditional shooting includes recurve bows without sights and longbows, which are all-wooden bows where the riser and limbs are combined. Compound bows have a riser and limbs, like a recurve, but additionally have cams that work like a pulley system to make the weight of the bow less. Compounds, though initially invented for hunting, can now be used for competition as well. Crossbows can either be recurve or compound style with a trigger system much like a rifle. Crossbows, especially in Michigan, are becoming more and more popular with hunters looking to expand their season.

At the Demmer Center, we offer training in recurve, compound and crossbow. We have all three types of equipment available for rent that you can try before you buy your own equipment. 

The Demmer Center has 5 Archery Ranges:

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