Hunter Safety

The Hunter Safety Education curriculum includes training in firearms safety, basic archery safety, hunting ethics, wildlife management, conservation, survival, regulations and a final written exam. 

Hunter education in Michigan has taught thousands of people safe hunting techniques, firearm handling and hunter ethics. Hunter safety is required if you were born after January 1, 1960 and you want to purchase any Michigan hunting license, or if you are planning an out-of-state hunting trip. Parents are not required to stay with their children over the age of 13.

All hunters born after January 1, 1960 must also present their hunter safety certificate or previous hunting license or sign their license in the presence of the license agent. Your signature certifies that you meet the residency and hunter safety requirements to purchase the license. This also applies to hunters who intend to hunt furbearers under a fur harvester license.

 -Michigan Department of Natural Resources: Hunters Digest


Apprentice Hunting License 

A person who does not have a hunter safety certificate and is 10 years of age or older may purchase an apprentice hunting license. An apprentice hunter may purchase this license for two license years before he or she must successfully complete a hunter safety course. The apprentice hunting license is available to residents and nonresidents. When afield, an apprentice hunter must be accompanied by someone 21 years old or older who possesses a regular current-year hunting license for the same game as the apprentice. For apprentices between ages 10-16, the accompanying hunter must be the apprentice’s parent, guardian or someone designated by the parent or guardian.  “Accompanied by” requires the accompanying hunter to be able to come to the immediate aid of the apprentice and stay within a distance that permits uninterrupted, unaided visual and verbal contact. A person may accompany no more than two apprentice hunters while hunting.

 -Michigan Department of Natural Resources: Hunters Digest


Mentored Youth Hunting Program 

The Mentored Youth Hunting Program allows youth hunters 9 years old and

younger to hunt with a mentor who is at least 21 years old, has hunting experience and possesses a valid Michigan license to hunt other than an apprentice license. The mentored youth license is a “package” license to hunt small game, including waterfowl, turkey (spring and fall) and deer (two tags); trap furbearers and fish for all species. The mentor (adult) is limited to two hunting devices (shotgun, rifle, bow or crossbow) in the field while mentoring, and the youth hunter must be within arm’s length of the mentor (adult) at all times. Any hunting device possessed by a mentored youth must be sized appropriately to fit the physical abilities of the youth. The mentor (adult) will be held responsible for all actions of the youth hunter while in the field.  A deer kill tag issued with the mentored youth license is valid for any deer in any deer management unit, except during antlerless-only seasons, when only an antlerless deer may be taken. 

-Michigan Department of Natural Resources: Hunters Digest







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