MSU Archery Shines at Indoor Nationals

posted on March 13, 2014 3:19pm

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The results are in and the MSU Archery Team put up some great scores from the 2014 USCA Indoor Nationals. The tournament, which took place over several weekends and at multiple locations, is the national indoor event for all collegiate archers involved with the US Collegiate Archery Association (USCA). The MSU Archery Team not only competed but also hosted the event held at the Demmer Center on February 22-23, 2014. Team members spent time setting up, taking down, and running the event in addition to participating in the competition itself. 

The MSU Archery coaches couldn’t be prouder of how the team did this year. Not only is this the biggest competitive team MSU has ever had, the archers also worked together and acted as a team, supporting eachother throughout the entire event. Head Coach Glen Bennett said that the team “conducted themselves in a sportsman like manner and represented MSU in a very positive manner. As their coach I could not ask for more.” 

To see how the team did, see below: 

Male Bowhunter 

10th of 102 Archers: Andrew Flegler

30th of 102:  Eric Raifsnider

32nd of 102: Mathew Lamb

42nd of 102: Kyle Francisco

53rd of 102: Nicholas Hool

72nd  of 102: Lucas Jarrett

73rd of 102: Zachary Fyke

Female Bowhunter

13th of 51: Emily Caretti

24th of 51: Erin Formiller

28th of 51: Mallory Brettrager

36th of 51: Allison Foster

39th of 51: Katherine Glover

Male Compound

3rd of 82: Eric Beaudry

24st of 82: Bryan Essenmacher

31st  of 82: Nathan Ketchum

Female Compound

2nd of 57: Hunter Jackson

20th of 57: Kara Dumar


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